LOVE Inspired English Expressions and Idioms

LOVE Inspired English Expressions and Idioms


And we are here again, celebrating LOVE on VALENTINE’S DAY!
Though not a national festival of any country, Valentine’s day is one the most loved and celebrated occasion around the world. Today is the day to celebrate the most precious feeling ever: LOVE.

Now, what does love or Valentine’s Day has to do with English?
Well, as I have said earlier, you can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. 
For the sake of immense love that I have for the English language, I am taking this opportunity to introduce you all to some idiomatic expressions inspired by the beautiful feeling called love.
So without further ado, let’s begin:

To fall head over heels in love ⇒ प्यार मे पूरी तरह पागल होना
To fall completely and madly in love.

To be smitten with someone ⇒ किसी की तरफ गहरा आकर्षण होना
To be completely charmed by someone.
If your face lightens up just by the mention of someone’s name then you, my friend, are totally smitten.

To fancy someone ⇒ किसी को पसंद करना
To find someone very attractive in a way that you start admiring him/her to a great extent.

 To have the puppy love ⇒ किशोरावस्था में होने वाला आकर्षण
To have strong feelings of attraction or as it’s commonly called, infatuation. Generally, puppy love is the kind of love that you find between school-age children or teenagers.

A love-in ⇒ अत्यधिक प्रशंसा व सराहना करना
It’s a situation where two or more people praise each other a lot, at times, more than they deserve. Now that’s something lovers do ALL THE TIME.

To get hitched ⇒ शादी करना 
When two people (probably in love) get married (hopefully to each other), you say that they are getting hitched.

( please don’t mind the sarcasm. After all, we live in India )

Okay, enough about the mushy love, let’s talk a little about the not-so-lovey-dovey part of love. As we all know, love can make you the happiest person in the world, it can also put you through hell. Let’s explore the hell:

On the rocks ⇒ रिश्ते में तनाव होना
If there are problems in a relationship, we may say it’s on the rocks.

A love rat ⇒ रिश्ते में धोखा देने वाला व्यक्ति 
Somebody who cheats on his/her partner.

The cupboard love ⇒ मतलब के लिए प्यार जताना 
The affection that is feigned in order to obtain something.

• No love lost between (two people)  दो लोगों के बीच स्नेह की भावना न होना 
If there is no love lost between two people, it means that they do not like each other.

Well, here’s hoping that no one goes through the tough love and everybody gets all the love that they want.

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